Paxum Nominated For YNOT Awards 2018

is thrilled to be nominated once again for Best Alternative Billing Company at the 2018 YNOT Awards!
As past YNOT Award winners (2013 through 2017) we are honored to be nominated for this prestigious award again and we look forward to attending the celebration in Prague on September 15th 2018
In addition to Paxum being nominated, one of our reps is also nominated for Best Industry Representative. We hope you will vote for Paxum’s Chris in that category!
Thank you for nominating us, and thank you for voting for us!
If you wish to vote for Paxum please visit this link –
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Skrill now accepts cryptocurrency

Skrill now accepts cryptocurrency – posted in Ask Gamblers: So, you may or may not have checked your email this afternoon but Ive just had one off Skril to say theyre now accepting cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell instantly from 40 flat currencies to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Ether.
Am I right in thinking then, once youve excganged it back to your account currency you can just use it as normal money then? Also I thought bitcoin was anonomys, is it not when youre buying…
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Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash (ZEC) is a privacy-oriented digital currency that leverages bleeding-edge cryptography to shield the identities of users. By utilising this innovative technology, Zcash has grown into one of the most highly visible cryptocurrencies in the world.
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