Deeponion Continue to Dominate
We have seen a massive spike on marketing efforts made by the deep onion community, Deeponion flags are flying all around the world wide web from forums, chatboxes, facebook comment box, twitter and many more. this is due to the great marketing mind of the deeponion development team.
Some Web Admins are even censoring the word deeponion on their site due to sudden influx of deep onion supporters since they are not prepared to handle such marketing & promotion, Some web admins consider it as a spammy behavior but its a unique marketing tactics to further spread the word about deep onion and sooner or later other cryptocurrency will copy deeponion marketing style.
Due to this the price of each onion continue to rally and it will never stop to break the old all time high USD price of $5. This even further fuel the hatred of the fudders that been left behind by the success of deeponion. But its never too late to join and participate in deeponion community airdrops there are 2

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